GREEN 2024

Join the annual international symposium of Biomimicry Granada where nature meets innovation. Discover groundbreaking ideas and connect with thought leaders in the field of biomimicry. This hub of thinkers, creators, and environmental enthusiasts has one mission: growing regenerative ecosystems through education with nature.

A Celebration of Nature and Innovation

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GREEN centers around three pivotal values: Reconcile, Restore, and Regenerate. We aspire to reconcile humanity with nature, restore balance in our ecosystems, and promote regenerative practices for a sustainable future.

What is Green?

Where Heritage meets sustainability. A place to explore culture, innovation, and regeneration in Granada

If you are a professional, student, or simply an enthusiast passionate about creating sustainable and nature-inspired solutions, the conference provides a platform for learning, sharing, and collaborating. Individuals across various fields such as urban planning, agriculture, design, engineering, and policy-making can benefit from this invaluable experience. Involved or not (yet) in biomimicry and sustainability, you will learn how to apply nature’s wisdom to real-world challenges.

Local action

Fun, big community, perfect for networking 

This is not just a conference, it is a collaborative journey

Biomimicry Change Makers is the driving force group behind our platform, composed by our dedicated participants and valued partners. If you are commitment to positive impact, prone to share your passions and expertise while through your collaborative spirit, Green is for you. Join your equals, become a BCF and explore together nature-inspired solutions to create meaningful change.

FRIDAY NOV 8TH - 17:00 - 20:30

Location ESADA

Schedule to be defined

SATURDAY NOV 9TH - 9:30 – 14:00

Location ESADA

Schedule to be defined