GREEN 2024

November 8-10

Granada, Spain

Unite, Learn, and Innovate for Sustainability in Granada!

Join the annual international symposium of Biomimicry Granada where nature meets innovation. Discover groundbreaking ideas and connect with thought leaders in the field of biomimicry. This hub of thinkers, creators, and environmental enthusiasts has one mission: growing regenerative ecosystems through education with nature.

Reconcile, Restore, and Regenerate


GREEN centers around three pivotal values: Reconcile, Restore, and Regenerate. We aspire to reconcile humanity with nature, restore balance in our ecosystems, and promote regenerative practices for a sustainable future. Each session reflects these values, covering diverse themes like sustainable urban planning, the interconnectedness of society and nature, and practical biomimicry, among others.

Community building

Meet your peers in a welcoming environment and exchange knowledge.

Fun, hands- on workshops

Learning by doing. Participate in or out-of-the-box activities.

Local centred

Understand the holistic, interconnected situation of Granada.

What is Green?

Where tradition meets sustainability. A place to explore culture, innovation, and regeneration in Granada

If you are a professional, student, or simply an enthusiast passionate about creating sustainable and nature-inspired solutions, the conference provides a platform for learning, sharing, and collaborating. Individuals across various fields such as urban planning, agriculture, design, engineering, and policy-making can benefit from this invaluable experience. Involved or not (yet) in biomimicry and sustainability, you will learn how to apply nature’s wisdom to real-world challenges.


FRIDAY NOV 8TH - 17:00 - 20:30
SATURDAY NOV 9TH - 9:30 – 14:00
SUNDAY - NOV 10TH - 11:00 - 14:00

Welcome to Granada!

Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains in the south of Spain, Granada features ancient magic from the Albayzín, the Arabic quarter, to the Alhambra, an astonishing palace complex whose Islamic decor and landscaped gardens are without peer in Europe.

Changemakers classes will be held at esada design school, a well-equipped official higher education institution housed in a beautiful historic building. Situated on a busy pedestrian street in downtown Granada, from esada many of Granada’s places of interest are accessible by foot or a short bus ride away.

For those wanting to stay a little longer, from Granada you can be in the mountains, or at the beach in less than an hour.

Travel like a local!

Travel Logistics:

Where should you fly into?

  • Federico García Lorca Granada Airport 
  • Málaga–Costa del Sol Airport. Plane tickets to Malaga are often  cheaper and more frequent, there are buses from Malaga to Granada  (2 hours)

Travel within Spain?

Train (map of connections between cities; station) – Renfe tickets

Bus (station) – Alsa tickets (Tel: +34 902 42 22 42)

Getting around Granada

Classroom sessions will be hosted at ESADA. The area around ESADA is well suited for  walking. Finding parking within a 5-10 minute walk of ESADA could be  difficult. We recommend walking or taking a taxi, Uber, or bus while  commuting to and from ESADA. 

  • Taxi – Taxis may be found regularly around the city. Rides should cost  between €5 and €10 depending on starting and ending points (not  applicable for Alhambra or airport). You can also order a taxi by phone.  Pide Taxi Granada (+34 958 28 00 00) or use the Pidetaxi app. Radio Taxi Genil (+34 958 132 323). 
  • Uber – Uber is available in Granada through the Uber app. Normally  taxis will be cheaper. 
  • Walk – See note above. Granada is well suited for walking and quite  picturesque.
  • Bus Granada bus system. Google Maps will show the fastest public  transport option. There are multiple ticket types. A “basic” ticket may be  bought on board for about €1.40. You can also buy a “bonobus” (buss  pass) at any “estanco” (tobacconist). This will cost €5 with an extra €2  deposit. Rides are around €0.8 with the pass, and it can be topped up  on the bus. NOTE: the number 4 bus needs to be paid at the stop and  not on board.  
  • Metro – There exists a single metro line running through the city. It is  especially useful for some specific suburbs or outskirts. Metro tickets are  different to bus tickets and can be bought and validated at metro  stops. There exist different options (single, 5 trips, etc…). NOTE: some  metro tickets may be used on buses, but bus tickets cannot be used on  the metro. 
  • Rental cars & parking – There are rental cars available at all major  airports and some locations in the city of Granada. It can be  challenging to find parking, and we suggest only renting a car if you  plan on using it outside of the city. 

Rental bicycle bicicletas la estación and balakook

Where to stay?

We recommend finding a place near ESADA in downtown Granada (Calle  Trinidad, 4, 18001 Granada). 

Hostal recommendations 

El Granado Hostel (+34 958 96 02 59) – map

Who are Biomimicry Change Makers?

They are the driving force behind our platform.

Biomimicry Change Makers encompass both our dedicated participants and valued partners, united in their commitment to making a positive impact through biomimicry. As active contributors to our events, they bring their passion, expertise, and collaborative spirit to explore nature-inspired solutions for a sustainable world.

Together, we form a community of individuals and organizations dedicated to creating meaningful change.

Join Biomimicry Change Makers and be part of the movement towards a regenerative future!